If you haven’t voted yet, please drop your ballot at City Hall before 8 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, November 5. If you’re ballot has been misplaced or damaged, or you never received one, please talk to the election staff and volunteers at City Hall–they will be happy to help you!

Thank you to the best campaign volunteers anyone could ask for!

One thing I’ve learned from Rockville residents through my community leadership is that we all love our City and want Rockville to continue to be the place we choose to call home.

City government is about people. It’s about a measure of success that focuses on how many lives made better, and it’s about doing everything we can to elevate our shared experiences and quality of life.

When I was elected president of the East Rockville Civic Association, the 2004 neighborhood plan had been on a shelf for a decade with little to no implementation. It needed a champion. On behalf of the neighborhood I reached out to City staff and restarted the planning process. Four years later the Stonestreet Plan stands on its own and we are closing in on the city’s first set of neighborhood design guidelines, in addition to being well on our way to a neighborhood plan that promises to maintain our vibrant community for the next generation. I led East Rockville through a successful process that accomplished more in four years than in the previous two decades. It took a willingness to listen and learn, hard work, and a deep commitment to working effectively with diverse stakeholders.

In addition to leading East Rockville:

  • I’ve served on the Board of Directors of Peerless Rockville
  • I’m currently a member of the Rockville Pedestrian Advocacy Committee
  • I’ve served as a featured speaker in the Rockville University, or “Rock U” program
  • I was a member of the Recreation and Parks community leader panel for their strategic plan update.
  • Professionally, I’m the operations director at a non-profit with the mission of advancing ethics and leadership in oral healthcare.

This is a snapshot of my most recent community and professional leadership. For more, please visit my website at https://suzan4rockville.com/.

As your Councilmember, we’ll work together to:

  • Right-size the 2040 Plan for our neighborhoods and get growth right.
  • Prioritize environmental sustainability and systematically address climate change, protecting our tree canopy and ensuring the health of our watersheds.
  • Fiercely advocate for our kids and schools.
  • And face the challenges we have now, and plan for the ones we’ll be facing in the future with pragmatic, practical solutions that enhance our quality of life.

Thank you for your continued support! I encourage you to also consider supporting the other members of the Rockville Forward Coalition–Bridget Newton for Mayor, Councilmember Beryl Feinberg for reelection, and Kuan Lee and Monique Ashton for Council.

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