Suzan Pitman has brought a fresh perspective to Rockville, a place she and her family are proud to call home.

She and her husband, David, live in East Rockville with their son, Matthew, a rising senior at Rockville High School. 

Suzan’s love of collaborative, community based learning has helped her learn to dream big without compromising attention to detail, and to encourage others to do the same. As a three-term President of the East Rockville Civic Association, Suzan collaborated with City staff and residents to build the consensus needed to rework their outdated neighborhood plan. The new plan promises a vibrant, updated neighborhood that honors the past while welcoming and retaining 21st century families.

Most importantly, Suzan built a larger, more inclusive network in East Rockville so that more voices are heard and more people have an opportunity to participate and lead in East Rockville, as well as on City-wide boards and commissions. Since moving to a state ranked in the top 20 for education, with all of the socio-economic impacts that go along with that number, Suzan has a deep appreciation for what a tremendous game-changer the opportunity to live here can be for a family. She will work tirelessly to ensure that all of us benefit from the things that make Rockville a special place to live.    

Learn more about Suzan here.

Around Town

Hometown holidays; local art studio and Peerless Rockville date nights; sunsets, flowers, and a Maryland summer; our dog, Piper, ready for Halloween; the farmers market; kicking off the Together for Rockville campaign

By the Authority of the Committee to Elect Suzan Pitman, Brett Layton, Treasurer.